Yan Yan are crispy biscuit sticks that you can dip in a delicious vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or mixed flavoured cream.

Yan Yan’s also come with cute messages printed on the biscuit!

Zebra – herbivore
Octopus - lucky number: 8
Starfish - star + fish
Cat - say meow
Rhinoceros - think big
Bat - only in the night
Squirrel - your best friend
Rabbit - eat more carrots
Horse - gallop away
Squid - black ink
Beetle - lucky color: brown
Seal - loves to sun tan
Sheep - wool sweaters
Stag Beetle - love it
Whale - biggest mammal
Giraffe - tallest mammal
Owl - active at night
Snail - snail mail
Mole - in a hole
Chick - lucky colour: yellow
Goat - You are lucky today
Elephant - Jumbo
Panda - Go for more
Fox - beware of lies
Frog – Amphibian

The new Yan Yan – oat added biscuit stick with yogurt cream caters for the health conscious kids that can continue to enjoy Yan Yan!
Yan Yan’s come in great, portable cardboard containers which make it easy to enjoy your treat anywhere, anytime!

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